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Manchester United Daily
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08 November 2005: Community created.
11 November 2005: New layout put into effect.
14 November 2005: Theme of the week: Off of the Pitch.
16 November 2005: Paul Scholes' birthday (31).
19 November 2005: Chris Eagles' birthday (20).
18 November 2005: Roy Keane left Man Utd.
21 November 2005: Theme of the week: Roy Keane.
25 November 2005: George Best passed away at the untimely age of 59. RIP George.
27 November 2005: David Bellion's birthday (23).
28 November 2005: Theme of the week: George Best.
29 November 2005: Ryan Giggs' birthday (32).
30 November 2005: The mighty Reds move onto the next round of the Carling Cup.
03 December 2005: George Best's funeral.
05 December 2005: Theme of the week: Flesh.
12 December 2005: Theme of the week: Formal Wear.
19 December 2005: Theme of the Week: Bloody/Dirty Boys.
20 December 2005: The mighty Reds move onto the next round of the Carling Cup.
26 December 2005: Theme of the Week: Slashy Lads.
02 January 2006: Theme of the Week: Goofy/Silly Poses and Faces.
09 January 2006: Theme of the Week: Defenders.
16 January 2006: Theme of the Week: Training.
23 January 2006: Theme of the Week: Celebrations.
30 January 2006: Theme of the Week: Footballers Kids.
01 February 2006: Darren Fletcher's birthday (22).
01 February 2006: Giuseppe Rossi's birthday (19).
02 February 2006: Gerard Pique's birthday (19).
05 February 2006: Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday (21).
06 February 2006: Theme of the Week: Footballers with their Wives.
13 February 2006: Theme of the Week: International Teams.
13 February 2006: Liam Miller's birthday (25).
18 February 2006: Gary Neville's birthday (31).
18 February 2006: Alan Smith injured with dislocated ankle and broken leg. Expected time back: 6-7 months.
25 February 2006: Ji-Sung Park's birthday (25).
26 February 2006: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's birthday (33).
26 February 2006: We WON the Carling Cup!!!
27 February 2006: Theme of the Week: Alan Smith and/or Carling Cup.
01 March 2006: Jonathan Spector's birthday (21).
06 March 2006: Tim Howard's birthday (27).
06 March 2006: Theme of the Week: Favourite Footballer.

28 October 2006: Alan Smith's birthday (26).
29 October 2006: Edwin van der Sar's birthday (36).
04 November 2006: David Jones' birhday (22).
07 November 2006: Rio Ferdinand's birthday (28).
16 November 2006: Happy One Year Anniversary ManUtd_daily!
16 November 2006: Paul Scholes' birthday (32).
17 November 2006: David Jones' loaned to Derby County.
18 November 2006: Sheffield United 1 - 2 United.
19 November 2006: Chris Eagles' birthday (21).
21 November 2006: United 0 - 1 Celtic (UEFA Champions League).
26 November 2006: Chelsea 1 - 1 United.
27 November 2006: David Bellion's birthday (24).
29 November 2006: Ryan Giggs' birthday (33).
02 December 2006: Gary Neville's one year anniversary as Captain.
02 December 2006: Middlesbrough 1 - 2 United.
06 December 2006: Benfica 1 - 3 United.
09 December 2006: Man City 1 - 3 United.
17 December 2006: United 0 - 1 West Ham United.
23 December 2006: United v Aston Villa.
26 December 2006: Wigan v United.
30 December 2006: Reading v United.
01 January 2007: United v Newcastle United.
04 January 2007: Theme of the Week: Street Clothes.

Manchester United Daily is a community for sharing daily photos of Man Utd players. The photos can be of current players or old, on or off the pitch. If you are new to the community, please read the following...

Just a few general guidelines and rules, subject to change as necessary.

1. This is a picture posting community. Sharing icons, banners, wallpaper, etc. is perfectly fine. If you post Man Utd./player specific news or a link to something Man Utd./player specific, or anything else not mentioned, please also include a picture (this includes introduction posts). Posts without pictures will be warned by one of the moderators. If not fixed, then they will be deleted without warning to the original poster. Photos of the players off the pitch or with other footies are perfectly fine.

2. If you need to upload a photo and don't have your own webspace try Photobucket or Image Shack. They are simple to use and free.

3. Know how to use a cut-tag. If posting more than one picture, put the rest behind the cut-tag. Also, use a cut-tag if the photo is larger than 500 pixels in width. Only three icon teasers. Please put the rest behind a cut.

4. If you are going to promote other communites, just make sure that they relate to Manchester United or a specific player. If you do decide to promote, still add a photo to keep your post legal.

5. Please give proper spelling and grammar your best shot. That is, no netspeak, no TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, etc. Your entry or comment isn't a 125-character text message; you don't have to preserve space. :)

6. For icons, if the maker requests you credit them, then do so. They take a lot of time out of their lives to make beautiful icons to share with everyone so please credit them as they specify. If they say you don't have to credit them, then that is their own decision.

By joining this community, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.
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Credit isn't mandatory, but if you know where the picture came from or who took it, give credit them. If you post a picture and later find out who took it, edit your post and give them credit. It's only fair.


Right now I am currently accepting moderators. If you would like to be a moderator of this community and help enforce the rules and make sure this community stays daily, don't hesitate to comment in this journal or my personal journal, myheartyerhands. Just make sure you will actually be an active moderator and ensure that the members follow the rules. If you aren't an active moderator I will have to remove you from the duty.

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Right now I am currently accepting affiliates. If you would like to be one, don't hesitate to comment in the community or in my personal journal, myheartyerhands.

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